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Classic Lamb Burger Patty (1pc/100gms)

Handcrafted Burger Co

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Juicy Lamb Patty

- 100% Mutton, No Soya or other fillers, mayo and spices

- Vacuum Packed & Sealed for added safety

- Stored at -18C 

- No Artificial Colours & Flavours

- No Chemicals or Food Additives

100 Grams / Patty

Classic Lamb Patty Instructions –

  1. Thaw

            Thaw the Burger Patty

  1. Preheat

Heat 5-10 ml oil in a non-stick pan on medium flame

  1. Prep & Place

Remove the packet.

Remove the cling wrap from one side while holding the patty in your palm. Flip it onto the pan while removing the cling wrap completely

  1. Grill

Grill on each side for 3 minutes. DO NOT FLIP THE PATTY BEFORE 3 MINUTES

  1. Serve

Your patty is ready.